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Navigating Probate in Michigan: A Comprehensive Guide for Executors and Beneficiaries

probate lawyer

Probate is a legal process that involves settling a deceased person’s estate, including distributing assets to beneficiaries, paying debts and taxes, and ensuring adherence to their final wishes. Navigating the probate process in Michigan can be complex, with various rules, procedures, and deadlines to consider. Whether you are an executor entrusted with managing the estate […]

Estate Planning News You Can Use to Beat the Heat of Uncertainty

beat the heat of uncertainty

Just as spending a day under the summer sun without proper protection can leave you with a painful sunburn, an unfinished or out-of-date estate plan can inflict harm on you and your loved ones. In this newsletter, we explore the importance of creating a comprehensive estate plan to protect your legacy and ensure a smooth […]

What Happens to Your Venmo, PayPal, and Apple Pay Accounts at Your Death?

pay accounts

It has been said that nothing ever dies on the Internet. While this dictum is typically used as a warning that what we put online may come back to haunt us, it is also true that our online accounts can outlive us, and even live in perpetuity. Having a digital estate plan that makes arrangements […]

What Not to Include in Your Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning Documents

One important purpose of estate planning is to facilitate the transfer of ownership of your money and property to your family and loved ones when you pass away. For this transfer to be as stress-free and efficient as possible, it is crucial that estate planning documents be thorough and provide the necessary information. Nevertheless, there […]

Three Important Concerns Self-Employed Individuals Should Address

Self Employed Individuals

Being self-employed is no easy task. You are the owner, and in some cases, the only employee. While you may have more freedom than the average worker, a lot of responsibilities lie on your shoulders. Working together, we can craft a comprehensive estate plan that will help you address three important concerns you may have. […]

What Is a Devise in My Estate Plan?

Devise in My Estate Plan

If you are thinking about creating an estate plan, you may hear some new and confusing terms that make your brain hurt. To add to your bewilderment, not only are some of the words unfamiliar, they may also be homophones—words that are pronounced the same as other words, but have different meanings and spellings. For […]